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Hello I'm Khirmell owner of Mumble Jumbles...
I will be sharing bunch of stuffs anything about online gaming. You might encounter some weird stuff along the way when I'm in the influence of alcohol (Why is the good stuff bad for me). My Quest is to find the ultimate and perfect game, I have been playing video and online games since i was a kid. My first console game was atari and my first mmo is ragnarok (Those were the days). But enough with the past and into the future of gaming!

Well anyways comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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Sailing in Uncharted Waters Online Review:
This is the first time that I'll be making a review for a game...[read more]
My journey so far in Uncharted Waters Online
My thought at first is that I'm going to be lost in this game due to the complexity and its huge world. But what I’m concerned about is that how am i going to understand the game itself and if I am able to progress at all... [read more]

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Made a video page archive! (only one video for now hehe)

New Video of the Day! "Aion Online"

Created me a flickr account to store my screenshots! ^_^

Add me in facebook and maybe we can play in some online game as an ally or as enemies.