Spirit of Christmas Hits anonymousman!! Good Karma comes!!

Good Karma grant the sailor anonymousman..... Story starts when the sailor was having doubts on himself he's having a change of heart and wanting to be a tough and reliable soldier the anonymousman wants to be a Maritime sailor, the sailor has good friends and company whom he asked for their opinions, the sailor asked his company "I am having a change of heart i would like to be a Maritime sailor i want to experience the feeling of being in a heat of battle though i am scared a little but i think i'll do well in combat" companymates replied some saying "good choice new addition to our fleet" and some are glad. But there's a veteran sailor stand out and said "Be a merchant and study under me i will school you with all your needs, I am "BlackHawk's" brother then anonymousman replied "Oh yes i remember him he's the newbie sailor i helped " then the veteran sailor said i will support you in return for helping my brother then the anonymousman asked why should i be a merchant? veteran sailor said "It's important to have lots of ducats before entering the expensive and spending spree for your ship and repairs and all which requires good amount of ducats. From there the anonymousman listened to the veteran sailor, Sail to Seville and change to a merchant be an animal trader and get all the skills afterwards i'll be giving you your basic needs  then the veteran sailor gave anonymousman a  "Large Caravel" as starter for being a merchant as well as a simple recipe book for grinding skill,
"Sail East and go to Palma" make a flour out of wheat do it until you reach rank3 cooking then i'll teach you the second step" the veteran sailor said, as what the mentor said anonymousman followed and sailed East.... To be continued....

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