Alright, so i noticed the other piracy thread picking up some views and theres a few questions, ill run down the basics so everyone has a good idea whats up with it.


If you attack any player and sink or board him (and plunder) you become pirate flagged (orange name) if that player happens to be from the same nation as you you get a deep red name (wanted)

when your flagged as a pirate you become available to be attacked in ANY waters, whether they are safe or not.

Being a pirate isn't an easy life, you could be minding your own business and get jumped by full fleets of players, whenever you get sunk you lose a good portion of your cash, not even your bank account is safe.

I got sunk earlier and here is what i lost
your standard bounty for sinking 1 ship is 300k and it goes up as you begin to sink more players, this bounty cannot be removed, the only way to clear your pirate status is by sailing around.

usually when i get pirate flagged i don't do much trading but instead opt to lvl my maritime just to make sure I'm always armed and ready for combat.

If you get attacked by a  player seeking your bounty you CAN sink him without adding to your notoriety. you are always allowed to defend yourself without penalty (even if another player attacks you).


when you have been sunk by a player when you are a pirate in addition to the bounty you also get a defeated pirate status, it looks likes this
that line through the skull shows that a player is a defeated pirate. while this skull is up that player cannot attack any other players, however they can still be attacked and their bounty can be claimed.

if you see a player with the defeated pirate status do not be afraid, even in hostile waters you are still safe from this player.

It is always a good idea to really put some thought into who you will be attacking and if its really worth the hit

you may take a million off the player but in the long run you could loose much, much more so better decide carefully if you want to be a pirate.


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