Everybody knows this but for many of skills this is the only way.

However, some skills increase amount of trade good available to buy, such as livestock trade,

There are specific ways to rank up fast.

 1. Buy the goods your rank X 20 amount each time.  Buying good x20 to your rank will give you the most amount of exp for ranking.

Ex. If your food trade rank is 1, then buy total 20 amounts of a kinds Y of food.

Like 5 fish, 10 wheat or 10 sausage.

Please notice that it needs to be total 20 amounts

Then rank2, buy total of 40 and so on.

This was experimented in other versions and proved it gives the most exp. (I think there is no different here and there)

 2. Using purchase order

This is not recommended for starters. Because as far as i know purchase order is not plenty in this server right now cause it been just OB and it cost pretty a lot of money to buy them. It will cost about 40k ~ 120k later in the game because this is very useful item. You will need to use this item when purchasing spices such as pepper, nutmeg powder, pink diamond, inka ross, etc...

Unless you have billion Ducats, not recommended to use them.

Ranking up skills for crafting will be posted later because its different for each country. (which mean require vast amount of info’s to search)

Recommended skills

There are several almost must own skills.

Body Language: a skill that can cover all the languages. The ULTIMATE Skill you have to learn to go to far away land such as India.

Investment: very good skill to save money that required to spend to crew. It is helpful when you’re low on food and water.

Caution: decrease change of ambush. This is very good skills to learn. When you’re coming back from India or far away land, you do not want to fight against pirates because there are slight change of losing all of your trade goods.

Pathology: read the thing on the skill info. This is not must own skills but helpful. Can save up a lot of spots for inventory.

Fishing: very useful. When you’re carrying spices, it has chances of fire. (One time i had 4 fires while coming back. lost 540 pepper...) but having fish (does not matter how many, matter how many kind) will prevent spices from burning by sacrificing itself.

Steering: increase ship turning speed. MUST have skills. Some of the skills decrease speed of turning and some ships have low speed at turning either.

Rowing: required for people with Galley type ships due to increase of speed. Also recommended for Venice people (why? you will know why when you get galley and compare the speed of heading back)

Accounting: this should be not a hard one to guess

Sail handling: also should know why

Surveying: do not HAVE to learn but easy to know your location. Later on, there will be a program called navigation (or might be diff. name) will be available. That program requires this skill to be active

Provisions: decrease price of supplies for ships (water food timber munitions). Learn if you want to save some money and have spots for extra skill.

Additional information

Ranking exp difference between not recommended, recommended and expert.  When I mean by recommended, it means recommended for the job you are one. if your skills are not recommended, you will require (Skill rank ^ 2 X 100 X 2) amount of exp to rank up.  But if your recommended or expert you only need (skill rank ^2 X 100) amount if your expert, there is a +1 boost for that job.

What’s Skill Boosters?

They are the items that boost up your skill rank.  Some of them +1 your rank and some such as gold plated armor can +3 to your skill rank.

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