I started playing SUN (Soul of the Ultimate Nations) Online because I was attracted to its graphics and the i thought it was "Hack and Slash" type of gameplay similar to console games were you have to get close to the enemy and just click a button and they will get hit by it. But to my dissapointment it is not. You have to select the enemy and attack it but still I enjoyed the battle system of it.

I started creating every character and ended up with the sorceress. Character creations is limited and they have gender restrictions on character classes (Females = Elementalist and Valkyrie, Male Berserker and Dragon Knight). And In my own theory when starting a game "casters" is the most suitable one due to their massive damage. When dealing this kind of damages you can kill mobs and level much faster. But anyways there are 4 jobs and then splits of by 2 for each classes. You start off in a small peaceful village and talk to one npc with has a quest icon on top oif it. There are two kinds of quest by the way the campaign (In other words story mode) and side quest (Unrelated to the story). Following the campign quest will lead to other places to explore and contiue on with the progression of your character.

The battle system is fast phased and the skill animation are superbly done, you will enjoy mowing lots of enemy with it (Much like Cabal Online). Character builds is similar to ragnarok where you get stat points every time you level and you can add it into either strength, agility, vitality, inteligence, and etc. However you might double check your build because unlocking new skills uses stat points also. You have to find your own balance to help you progress through the game. You can have all the skills early but your base stat is weak. Or you can have a strong base stat but few skills to use on killing enemies along the way. You can make a hybrid character if you want, if you like to have skills of two jobs.

The environment is not that tiring to explore because it is not as big as WoW or Aion (much smaller). However there are lots of places to explore and like City of Heroes it is full of instances which you can go in by solo or party. There are areas in the map that are highlighted as red, this indicates that it is a pvp zone. When you step in it, you can be killed by other players that are in it also.
In the end you will have loads of fun because of its fast phased action but I don't know if the players will stay that long playing it because it tends to be repetetive. Overall I will give this a 7/10. It is highly recommended for those players that are usually into action rpgames like in the console ones. Stunning graphics plus loads of action, definitely a game worth to play.

Happy Gaming Everyone!!!
5/17/2012 06:32:09 pm

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